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Lucky Plastics is one of the largest manufactures of Smart (I.D) card products, Binding & Lamination Materials, Badge Clips, Yoyo and other accessories in India.

Lucky Plastics is having Head Office & Administrative office at Andheri (Mumbai), Marketing Office at Fort & Factory is located at Vasai, Which is 60 kms. Away from Mumbai. It covers an area of 20,000 sq. ft. and has more than 150 employees, 10 senior Engineers & 20 Staff Members. The company was established in the year 1998. Lucky Plastics is manufacturing Neck Lanyards, Card Holders, Badge Clips, and Yoyo, other accessories like Lamination Machines, Slot Punch, and Corner Cutter etc. The company also deals in Thermal Lamination Pouch, Rolls, and Card Materials like Core, Overlay, Laser Sheets, and Dragon Sheets etc. The company is also manufacturing Binding Materials like PP/PVC Sheets, Spiral, Comb, Wiro, Strips etc. The company is also manufacturing industrial plastic products.

We are the first in India to introduce five colour printing in Lanyards and Yoyo (Batch Reel) with Lanyard.

Lucky Plastics provides complete solution for card starting from card material to accessories like Lanyards, Card Holders. Our main motto is to create wealth and name through creating the best Service & Product.

Product Range :

• Smart (I.D) card products :

  • Printed and plain neck lanyards & card holders
  • Badge, clips, yoyo & clip Accessories
  • Card cutters of all sizes
  • Smart (I.D) card Materials like core, Overlay, Laser Sheet, Inkjet, Dragon sheet, Gumming sheets, Thermal card etc.
  • Fusing Machines, Laminator, Embossing Machines, Tipping Machines, Plastic Sheet Cutter, Slot Punch, Corner Cutter, Photo Cutter etc.

• Stationary / Office Automation products :

  • PP/PVC Binding sheets (Ten Designs)
  • Spiral, comb, Metal Wiro, Press Binder,
  • Thermal Binding Cover
  • Lamination Pouch & Rolls
  • Lamination Machines & Spiral Comb, Wiro & Thermal Binding Machines
  • Paper Cutter, Ream Cutter, Photo Cutter, Slot Punch, Corner cutter etc.
  • OHP & Tracing Sheet
  • Mobile Lamination Rolls & Pouch
  • Hot Air Gun & Sealing Machines

• Industrial Products :

  • PP,PVC, HIPS, Polyester, ABS, HDPE-Plain & Embossed Sheets & Films for Imitation Jewellery cards, Boxes, Table mats, Garment Tags, File folders, Advertising, Packaging, Thermoforming items etc.
  • PVC Thread for Garment Tags
  • PVC Heat Shrinkable Film for Shrink Wrapping
  • LD Stretch Film for Packing
  • Photo Frame Strips & Corner
  • Plastic Table Rolls for decorators & Caterers
  • PVC Profiles
  • Air bubble Film
Smart card Material like Synthetic sheet, Inkjet Sheet, Coated Overlay, Core Overlay, Dragon Sheet, Lamination Pouch & Rolls, Neck Lanyards, Card Holders, Badge Clips, Yoyo etc.

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